About Dr. Kali, ND, LAc, MS

Dr. Kali is a board-certified Naturopathic physician offering a holistic, lifestyle-based preventative medicine approach to health, including a focus on womxn’s health and graceful aging - two areas of medicine commonly underestimated for the progress gentle, thoughtful treatments can achieve. Rooted in research and utilizing the most gentle approach possible for each patient, her services include naturopathic health consultations, acupuncture for varied complaints, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, lifestyle and nutritional guidance, stress management, and in-depth lab testing.

Though trained to treat conditions of all systems of the body,  Dr. Kali practices with a special interest in:

  • Women's health 

  • Difficult periods

  • Hormonal imbalances 

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Anxiety and Stress 


Naturopathic doctors are trained to be the "detectives" of the medical world. This is why Dr. Kali schedules her appointments to be an hour or more with each patient in order to fully explore their health history and attempt to unearth the root causes of their illness. This is also why she commonly utilizes functional medical testing that goes a step farther than your typical blood test. 

Dr. Kali offers a number of specialized lab tests, including comprehensive hormone testing, food allergy or sensitivity testing, and stool analysis testing to map out your microbiome, digestion, and inflammation. These specialty labs are a useful tool in providing a more clear picture of your health concerns. 


Dr. Kali completed her medical training at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, one of only seven accredited medical programs for Naturopathic medicine in North America. She completed both the Biomedical Science Examination and Core Clinical Science Examinations of the NPLEX Licensing Board exams.


After her own positive experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Kali completed a Masters of Science degree in Acupuncture so that the graceful integration of both Naturopathic and Eastern medicine could be used to offer patients the best of both healing philosophies. Acupuncture is a safe, drug-free, and effective healing tool that can be used to treat issues ranging from insomnia to chronic back pain to infertility. Dr. Kali completed the necessary board exams to become a LAc, or Licensed Acupuncturist.

Additionally, Dr. Kali has completed her Masters in Nutrition, in order to have the most comprehensive knowledge of the science of "food as medicine," as well as certifications in Facial Rejuvenation and Aesthetics and LED (Light Emitting Diode) Therapy.

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