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Our Approach

"I was drawn to holistic medicine because I believe that, more times than not, your body has the knowledge to heal itself. For me, this is based on two core beliefs:


  1. I see symptoms as clues telling us something is out of balance in the body, rather than an inevitable fate. 

  2. I believe that nearly any disease state can be improved if the proper root causes are treated.


These beliefs are the heart of my treatment approach, which requires looking into not only a patient's physical state, but also their mental health, emotional well being, lifestyle habits, and diet.  Pharmaceuticals have their place in health management, and can be lifesaving and necessary. However, without getting to the root cause of issues, a well-meaning prescription may simply be turning off the smoke alarm without putting out the fire.


As experts in preventative medicine, Naturopathic Doctors are trained to look at lab results in a slightly different way than you may be used to. We're not just looking for 'normal ranges,' we're looking for optimal ranges. I look for patterns that predict what type of issues may be brewing under the surface, so we can treat problems before they progress into disease.


My treatments include individualized, research-based recommendations such as nutritional counseling, therapeutic-grade supplementation, and specialty lab testing. I've always had a passion for food and cooking, and enjoy teaching patients topics on “eating hygiene.” This may include how the time of day you eat can greatly affect your weight, how to cook for optimal health, what to look for on an ingredient label, and specific dietary counseling based on your medical history.


With the help of state of the art, research-based testing and a detailed look into your health history, I aim to help you identify what may be causing or fueling your symptoms. I believe your body knows how to heal more than we give it credit for. I'm here to help push it in the right direction and support you through the process." 


In good health, 

       Dr. Kali